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The CDC was established to provide leadership, advocacy, and organizing support, through civic engagement activities for colonia residents, most of which are families of immigrants of mixed status. In the last 32 years, the CDC has developed programs that address the needs of rural, colonia residents to improve the quality of life through leadership development, advocacy, creating opportunities for civic engagement, workforce development, and some services. These efforts are carried out through several of our current programs that include the following: the Integrated Services for Immigrant Families (ISIF), Early Childhood Education through the Chaparral Family Development Center, and the Promotoras de Apoyo Familiar (PAF).


The mission of the Colonias Development Council
is to improve the quality of life through the promotion, development, and cultivation of an equitable standard of living in colonia communities in Southern New Mexico by creating the spaces for transformative leadership through community andeconomic development.


CDC’s vision is of a healthy, hopeful, and transformative
future for immigrant families in southern New Mexico.
The CDC’s work seeks to make this vision a reality by addressing community and economic development through professional development, education, and services that enhance the economic and social quality of life, social equity, and promote the recognition of civil and human rights.

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